Locate your Location on the Map

The Place

Every place is not the right place for you. You get to some places and you are recognized, but you get to some other places and nobody noticed you. God told Elijah that He had commanded the Raven to feed him at A Place. But Elijah had to move and go to the place where his blessings has been sent.

Locate your place in life. Find where God has provided the blessings. Your mind (heart) will help you know the place. There will be peace when you get there.




Eternity–When and How

It seems to me that if we carefully watch out for the signs in the sky that was mentioned here Matthew 24:29, we will not miss it at all. Jesus Himself mentioned all these signs. So, do you think it is still difficult to miss it or be afraid of His coming or rapture?

The best way to understand this is just the way The Comer Himself explained it–when it is cloudy in the sky, you say “it is about to rain.” So, when He is about to come you will see the sign in the sky.

When the bride is coming, you eagerly wait. When the bride arrives, you know that the bride just arrives. There is no mistake about it that the bridegroom always have a clue as to the arrival of his bride.

Put yourself in the position of the bridegroom and Him (Jesus) in the position of the bride–You can have a clear knowledge when He arrives.

So, there is a moment for you to know (all the signs that will show significantly and clearly in the sky–watch for the sky as He mentioned because it seems something will happen in the sky), and then comes the moment that what you know (above) manifest physically in the sky.

It has always been about events in the sky. Many years ago, as a teenager (in the dream) rapture was all about “drama” in the sky. Today, those who tell their stories always mention something about the sky. Therefore, just like He said, watch for it (events) in the sky.

You cannot miss it if you are waiting for your bride–Jesus.


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Eternity– Here He Comes

Jesus Christ never said the exact time He will come and He did not speculate season or moment. He only said certain event will lead to His coming and rapture. He went ahead to warn that “watch out that no one deceive you”…. and then said, “but the end is still to come (Matthew 24:6).

Is it easy to guess when He will come? My answer is nearly “yes” because He said you will see the sign and you will know it is near. Just the same way when the sky is cloudy and then we conclude that it is about to rain. Exactly!

All these news about rapture and end time (flying around) does not seem to do the right job of preparing the believers. This is because instead of helping to watch and pray, it may be causing and creating fear. And it does not mean that believers will care to be ready as expected.

Fear is a strategic weapon of the wicked and he likes to use it a lot. He does not care to use the fear of second coming (or rapture) to make believers ineffective.

If we are truly God`s children, why should we be afraid of His coming? If He announces His coming, we should be happy and not afraid to meet Him.

Let us go on working, watching and praying. All (I mean everyone) of us we know when He comes (Matthew 24:30). I have a conviction that the sign (1) of His coming will show up first, then almost immediately He will appear(2). Note the word “then” There is a slight gap between the two. And if we are truly His children, He will take us all with Him without hesitation. Therefore, like He said, do not let anyone deceive you.

Do not live in fear of His coming.


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Sweet “Appetizers”

Find the correct and proper appetizer to your purpose every morning. We need appetizer to boost our energy. “Appetizer” is needed to make your work effective. for God, appetizers were (the Son and the Holy Spirit)–companionship. For the rain, the appetizer is the cloud. So, your “appetizer” is anything that encourages you to fulfill your purpose–to fulfill your day. Appetizers help you realize your daily dreams. Therefore, your appetizer may be spouse, friends, a song, music, your favorite suits, your nice shoes–something real with a positive effect– that makes you feel good, achieve your goals and objectives, etc. Once you find your appetizer, stick to it to realize your purpose on daily basis.

Never Forsaken

For the Christians, there is a comforting promise that “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” This is comforting because it means no matter what is happening, at any given time, He is with us. So, in the good time, bad time, happy and sad moment, whatsoever condition it is, He is around and with us. Therefore, we can live again–never forsaken. The christian is never alone; he is never abandoned. The God who saved him is able to save him “to the uttermost”(Hebrews 7:25). Uttermost means “maximum”, “greatest”, “extreme.” Imagine having maximum salvation or greatest salvation. How beautiful and satisfying it is to know that you are not forsaken for all your days here. Thank God for eternal life!

The Power of Importunity (Pray Again)

Keep on praying. Don`t stop praying. Never stop praying. Don`t give up on your important request. Don`t give up improving your health, career, family, and don`t give up living a better life. At the “9th” hour keep praying. At the “10th” hour never give up, and at the 11th hour never ever give up praying till you see the desired result. Say that prayer(request) again, and again.


Photo by Ben White

Energizer–Source of Happiness

Your daily energy should come from strong desire to fulfill the purpose of the day. Even God had a purpose to create something new on each day of creation. Without a purpose, life is meaningless. Your work, career, studies, projects or any meaningful activity is your reason for living at the moment–this is where you draw your energy. Do it (whatever your work is) and do it very well.

The source of your happiness is waking up each day and finding what your heart desire to do and you are doing it. The energy comes naturally.

Bad For Business–About Ethics

The desire to do a successful project/business should not come at all cost. There must be a red line that companies and employees are not allowed to cross. Also, reviewing the organization`s policies and procedures on ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will likely shed light on any grey areas. Reviewing organization`s procedures and policies will also serve as a check on any excesses and will remind anyone where they may have gotten it wrong.

The best thing is to ask yourself the question–if someone sees my thinking or action, what would they say?

And even if anyone does not see you, God can see you and all will be judged by their actions. Therefore, think before you act, not just for the present but for the future.


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